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Zhonghaide Fujian industrial equipment Co.,LTD.

Industrial equipment

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Zhonghaide (Fujian) industrial equipment Co.,Ltd.is about devices supplier of domestic automation.We have lone-term and stable overseas factory.Such as Schneider Electric,ABB,Siemens which are ahead of excellent supplier of industrial automation.The main products of the company include spindle servo, PLC board, I/O board, CNC main board, thermostat etc.Meanwhile,we provide Improve efficiency and increase profitability,helping users reduce costs,perfect after-sales service, allowing users to worry about after-sales service.
Zhonghaide (Fujian) industrial equipment Co.,Ltd. is the goal of “integrating the industry's best resources and striving for the industry's best reputation”. We have more than ten years of experience in serving the industrial industry in Fuzhou City and has the right to import and export. It is a leading equipment supplier in the field of automation in China.
Zhonghaide is mainly engaged in industrial automation products such as... [Details]